Meet Chief, Cherry Valley Rescue horse


Hiya, Handsome...

Chief's touching story to be posted this week

Care for Chief

This is an area where we will post Chief's special needs and how you can help him. 

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The Coat Says it All...

Galaxy's story to be posted this week, stay tuned...

Care for Galaxy

List of ways to help care for Galaxy, coming soon...

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Stay tuned for a touching story on Cochise.... to be posted this week!

Care for Cochise

List of ways to help care for Cochise, coming soon...

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Turn-around Tom

  Tom was brought in by animal control along with a beautiful black and white paint we named Cali Girl, and a mule we named Muleishka. The mule slipped and fell in the trailer while being delivered to our rescue. I was not in town (Nancy, owner) but came the next day.  The sad, long story short, we everything we could to save Muleishka but couldn’t . Cali Girl was adopted by a family that had just lost one of their horses and needed a companion horse for their other, so she has a great life. She is getting spoiled and receives lots of Love!  We decided to keep Tom, he was so, so, so sad and in horrible condition.  Today, he is very happy and fat no longer hungry and neglected; thanks to a ton of hard work, love and support from people like you who want to help.  Everybody loves riding Tom.  He is perfect now, and he is here to stay.

What Tom Needs

How to help care for Tom...

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Howdy Lil' Darlin...

Cowgirl's story to be posted soon, y'all...

Care for Cowgirl

List of ways to help care for Cowgirl, coming soon...

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He KNEW he was meant for Royalty...

Read Prince's story here this week

Care for Prince

List of ways to help care for Prince, coming soon...

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Meet Mamas, Cherry Valley Rescue Ranch Horse


Sweet Mamas

Mamas' story up and coming...

Care for Mamas

List of ways to help care for Mamas, coming soon...

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Our Lucky Clover

Clover's great story here...

Care for Clover

List of ways to help care for Clover, coming soon...

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Black Pearl and Jaxson

Black Pearl

Black Pearl came in the middle of the night with another horse, Pumpkin, by animal control an emergency starvation case.  If I hadn’t taken them in, they would have been euthanized that night (Nancy, owner).  Apparently, they had running water but NO FOOD they were eating dirt and had a lot of sand in the gut. That should have killed them right there…They never did find the owners so we don’t know the back story on them. 

My granddaughter Kaleena and I sat up for the first week taking turns and sleeping in the outdoors on the ground in the stall petting them and giving them love. They both pulled through; there is a lot that goes into trying to help a starved horse making through the first week of rescue. They have to be fed very carefully not to overload their system. They need a vet check, teeth floated, hooves trimmed, xrays, the list goes on. They both made it. 

Black Pearl was touch and go for about 6 months, lots of vet calls, but she pulled through as well.  She could not be ridden for the first couple of years because once she got feeling better, she acted mean.  So, we were very careful with her and just gave her lots of grooming and Love. Then one day, a girl got on her to ride and she was amazing. We kind of just pet, groomed, bathed her for about another year until another girl wanted to ride her.  That’s when we found out that she loved being ridden and knows every discipline!  WOW, WHAT A SURPRISE to us that was! Now she gets ridden regularly and LOVES IT.

Pumpkin had been possibly hit by a car, as her hips and legs were real bad. The vet said probably broken in early life. For this, she was never ridden but she got to have the BEST last 2 years of her life getting a full belly, regular care and most of all LOTS OF LOVE that she so desperately needed. 

Pumpkin's rescue story was a hard, long haul for a very well-worth-it (but unfortunately short), high quality life.  We had to have her put down after she was no longer able to get up on her feet. It was a horrible loss, but she is not suffering anymore and a lot of people miss her. She was well loved here at Cherry Valley Horse Rescue & Sanctuary, that's for sure.


Jackson's story to be posted this week. Stay tuned.  :)

Care for Black Pearl and Jackson

Learn what Black Pearl and Jackson need here... (coming soon)

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Patches, a Cherry Valley Rescue Ranch & Sanctuary Horse


Fall in love with Patches

A cute story on little Patches coming soon...

Care for Patches

What Patches needs, how you can help...

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Huge Love for a Huge Horse

Story on Reese coming soon...

Care for Reese

Learn about the best way to help Reese

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